Give your closet a style boost


Exciting Features

Create looks

Create beautiful looks to see what you want to wear

Add custom categories

Add your own categories of outfits or shoes and organize your closet

Add outfits

Add outfits with all details to make a complete journal of your closet

Make collections

Group looks of similar type or occassions to your custom collections

Take expert advice

Need help on styling? Get the expert advice from the selected panel of stylists

Backup and restore

Take backup of your data and even restore on other device or as and when required

Screens and Actions

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What you can do with Closet Love? …

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Meet Our Stylists




This app literally puts together an outfit for you – male or female. It will totally save you on days when you’re running late or just don’t know what to wear. It has quite a few features of which I especially like “the holiday packer”. Definitely worth downloading!



So glad to have this app because I’ve gotten many compliments on my style. I have been using the app all the time since I got it. Thanks!



Closet Love lets me upload the pictures of my wardrobe and then matching each costume. This app is a great help for me because I will be able to save my time in conjunction with the clothes fit me, I can add to this the images of my clothes ; More details about it and save it. By this application, I will be able to create a virtual catalog of my own outfit.

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Give your closet a style boost.

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